Friday, July 9, 2010

Stay-in-Touch Cards

Wednesday July 14 18:00.
Sorry. They are all GONE!

They Have Arrived.

Please see also Another Way of Staying-in-Touch, Staying in Touch 2, Staying in Touch and Does this Job Interest You?.

Arrange to Pick Yours up Today.

A carton holds 24 packets. Each packet contains 24 cards. There are 16 cartons. Do the math.

Cats are NOT part of the deal

The cards are in tent layout, 25.5 cm by 10 cm, and come with envelopes with a pre-printed “modern floral” design.

The floral design is in the lower-left corner, which leaves the top, and top center free for your return address and promotional message.

There are 6 card-types (please see images below), by painting:

1: Ontario Badlands

2: Milton Escarpment IV

3: Sixteen Mile creek II, Oakville

4: Bluff’s II

5: Oak Ridges Moraine

6: Georgian Bay, Craigleith

Paintings are by Sabelis , and a bio of Sabelis appears on the back of each card (please see images below).

The inside of the cards are blank, thus presenting 25.5x20 cm of laser-printable white space to carry your promotional message or your Christmas Greetings.

These cards are NOT for sale. I need the space. You’ll be doing me a favor by collecting a carton, or two, and distributing packets (of 24 cards each) to your clients as promotional gifts.

If you’d like help in envelope layout, and what to put on the BACK of your envelopes, and why, Talk to Me !

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