Monday, July 12, 2010

My New Career in Public Relations

I am listening to an audio-book “Spin Cycles” based on CBC radio talks.

Spin as in spin-doctor; skewing of facts etc.

There is an interesting discussion about “spin” vs. “pubic relations”, and what, after all, is the role of Public relations.

Turns out that although I say my business is meeting people (my money comes from doing what they then ask me to do), I am a one-man public relations firm.

This morning I head downtown again to meet a COO who I’ve not met before. I have asked for 15 minutes; I’ll consider myself fortunate if I get 30.

We will check each other out – if he has a problem I’ll ask for some detail, but mainly I suspect he will want me to describe myself, along the lines of “Why should I ever talk with you in the future”.

My job this morning is to present myself in a light that will cause the COO to accept me as a art of his arsenal in the fight against whatever-it-is.

I’m in Public Relations.

Talk to Me !

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