Thursday, July 8, 2010

Business Card Boxes

Wednesday July 14 18:00.
Sorry. They are all GONE!

They Have Arrived.

Arrange to Pick Yours up Today.

I have two cartons of 100 boxes-and-lids each. (Thanks to Ruven Gotz of Anilet for pointing this out to me)

The boxes are 15 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm.

If you have a stack of business cards, count them, measure them, and divide that measurement into 15 cm!

Here’s a view of an opened-up box sitting atop a column of 100 boxes, adjacent to a column of lids.

So, You Don’t Print Business Cards?

OK, so your name isn’t Ken King of Source Imaging.

Think outside the box.

These little collapsible boxes can be used to

1: Hold slices of iced cake if you are organizing a cheap wedding.

2: Store that vast stack of cards you intend to wade through over the next Christmas holidays.

3: Present your little bag-of-treats that you plan to place at every seat at the next Markham Board Of Trade meeting (naturally, your business card will be face up at the bottom of the box!).

4: Organize a game of pelmanism with your cats; place a cat-treat under each upturned box

5: (other)

If you’d like to hear my views on Business Cards for Entrepreneurs, Talk to Me!

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