Monday, July 19, 2010

If in Doubt, Show up

A trip downtown is always made with a set of old business cards.

On the back are written the name, address and phone of each person I am scheduled to meet. Those cards are accessed from my shirt pocket with ease, it beats trying to unzip my port-feuille in a crowded elevator.

As well, since the address is written there, I have a second card up my sleeve when I call for a pop-in coffee at short notice.

It happened again today – I called his office and got voice-mail, no receptionist, nothing.

I was in the adjacent building, so I marched right up to suite 720 and introduced myself.

If he is in and can spare me 5 minutes, he will do so.

If he can’t spare me 5 minutes, at least he’ll know that I think of him when I’m downtown.

Talk to Me !

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