Saturday, July 3, 2010

Money-Transfer Trick

As you get into small-business transactions, you’ll receive payment by email and make payments by email. In Canada this is the Interac system, and it is ideal for small businesses

If you haven’t tried it, try it now. Email $10 to a friend and claim it back next time you meet (or else have them pay for breakfast)

A downside of the Interac system is that you cannot receive confirmation that the supplier has received the email (and cashed the cheque).

You can monitor your online bank statements, but who wants to type in their secure password every hour to inspect a bank statement.

Here’s the trick:

Massage the security question

All email money transfers include a security question.

Typical question: “Initials of the society where we met” ( AIC ).

Typical question: “Initials of the restaurant where we met” ( Boston Pizza ).

Here is an A-Typical question:

“What did I see outside my bedroom window in 1956”.

There is no way the recipient could know that SIX GRAPE VINES on trellises were outside my bedroom window in Southern Cross in 1956.

To access the money they are forced to phone me (or email me) for the answer. If they want the money, they’ll phone me.

Now of course, expecting someone to know something about an event in my life fifty years ago will be seen as nasty, so don’t go that far away in time and space.

But phrase an atypical question about something that has happened between you, and phrase the question do that they will need to phone you.

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