Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Oranges and Bottled Water

(Please see also Sprinkles – part 2 )
Two new restaurants last week.
The Mekong River and Silk. Both serve Thai and Asian food.
Both have nice décor, friendly service.
And I will return to both.
The Mekong River brings, unasked, four ice-cold segments of sweet orange after the entrée plates are removed.
  • Unasked.
It’s not a substitute for dessert.
It seems to me it is a nice token of appreciation.
  • Unasked.
Silk brings a large bottle of iced tap water to the table.
  • Unasked.
For once in my life I did not spend time flagging the waitress to bring me another glass of water.
Having a bottle (or jug) of water right there on the table makes sense.
It saves distractions, interruptions, and by golly I like it!

Both restaurants have developed a “ sprinkle ”; it costs them so little yet has such a high impact.

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