Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let Words Shift Your Focus

So there I am presenting myself, and doing my best to come across as a great-guy-to-call-when-there-is-a-problem when …

… “We already have several IT people and a team of researchers”

The message is clear.

It is not rejection, but it is an obstacle to be circumvented (in this hot weather hurdling is out of the question)

I learned from this that “I don’t replace, I augment”.

It is not a question of me replacing the existing IT staff, or replacing the current researchers, but of giving them better tools, more knowledge, and hence more power to do their jobs.

I need to switch my vocabulary away from “This is what I do” to “This is what I help people to do”.

In the end, if there IS no IT or research tem, I’m an obvious candidate!

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