Monday, July 5, 2010

Get Right Back on that Horse!

Advice often given to you when you fall off a horse, right?

Applicable to the entrepreneur when the “cold call” failed. The message is “Don’t dive into the ‘fridge for a snack; pick up the phone and do it again …

But when did anyone advise you to stay on the horse when you didn’t fall off?

That time is now!

I just made a call, 2m 35s, and snagged a meeting downtown with the COO of a financial house. Just what I wanted.

The temptation is strong to do one of those crazy end-field football dances, but I must steel myself to move right on to the next call.

The best time to make a cold call is when I am flushed with success with the previous call.

My business is meeting people, not computer/accounting/massage/floral arrangements etc.

My business is meeting people; it’s what I do.

Talk to Me !

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