Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Business Poetry

Every successful human endeavor

Has a start and an end

Successful: A start and an end

Most unsuccessful projects

Wither and die

Starved of money

Bored to death over time

It is the start that defines the end

A successful project’s end point

Can be seen from its start point

At a successful project’s end

The start point is still visible

And where we are now

Looks better than where we were.

And we feel that the journey

Was well worth the price.

If you can’t see your end point

From where you are

Move the start point

Or the end point

By splitting the project

Into two parts.

The start point

Is well-defined

In space

In dollars

In staff

In tangible resources

In faith that the end point is attainable

and that today is today.

The end point

Is well-defined

In space

In dollars

In staff

In tangible resources

In faith that the end point is attainable

and that tomorrow is not today.

These things are called quantifiers

And each is said to be one of





Management Measures

If you aren’t measuring

Then you aren’t managing

A measurement

Is a quantified fact

Words are the building blocks of communications

Words are either spoken and then heard

Or written and then read.

Spoken words

Hover in the air

Float across the wind

And vanish in the haze

But written words

Are forever.

It it ain’t written down

It don’t exist.

I wrote that!

A goal

Is where I am not.

A goal

Is another place

At another time

With more money

Do you agree?

A goal is visible

And believable.

Because I know where I am

(facts, measurement)

And can prove it

(written down)

A project

Is just a means

To reach my goal

From where I am

In a series of steps

One step after another

Yet some people on my path

Call them “Objectives”.

If you are human

Then state your endeavor

And write it down!

Identify your goal, your end point.

Identify where you are right now, your start point.

With numbers

With dates and times

With locations

And with faith.

If your faith is lacking

Move your end point

By splitting your project

Into two parts.

Quantify, quantify, quantify.

And write it all down.

“I want to be home

with my two cats”.

My home is on the corner of Bloor and Mill.

I’d like to be home before the sun sets

Which tonight means eight of the clock.

I’ve done it before so

I can do it again.

Here I am

Standing at the bus stop

Corner of Warden and Bertrand.

The bus flew pat me

Before I could cross the busy road.

I think the buses here

Run every seven minutes or so.

I can do this.

I will enjoy standing in the sunshine

For seven minutes

After all

It is only twenty past five!

My objectives are to

Keep an eye out for the next bus

Flag it down

Board it and pay my fare

When it reaches Warden station

I must get off,

Walk up the stairs

To the island platform

Board the next westbound train

To Kipling station.

When the train reaches Kipling station

I must get off,

Walk up the stairs

To the bus platform

And board the Bloor street bus.

As we pass Mapledawn road

I must ring the bell.

At Mill road I must

Get off

Walk to the building

Open my door

And enjoy the welcome

As two cats twine them selves around my legs.

Jupiter, and Bumpous.

Some goals for tonight:

Make and eat my supper

Check and answer voice-mail

Check and answer email

Build and issue the next deliverable for





And David

Write my blog

Enjoy some ice-cream

Treats (3 each) for the cats.

Print three documents for tomorrow’s meeting

Brush my teeth

Go to bed

Read some more Rudyard Kipling

Boy oh boy oh boy!

It’s been a good day.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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