Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why the Local Church Rummage Sale is Important

Off I go to another introductory meeting downtown.

Of course I’ve done my homework before going; summarized the press releases, read the web pages, harvested all the Interesting Words from both sources and read through them to fix their vocabulary in my mind before entering the office.

I am wearing a suit and tie, for I am going to meet the COO of a rather large financial firm.

The shirt and tie are central to my image, especially the tie.

The web site is decked out in pale-blue and a pale-gray-blue.

  • Just like my tie.

What a co-incidence.

Not really!

I pick up neckties at rummage sales at anything from $0.50 each and upward, but I prefer the 50c ones.

Dozens of ties.

I match the tie to the web site on the grounds that I need all the help I can get during this first meeting, and a subliminal message that I am the same color as the web site can’t hurt.

Women: the rummage sale has scarves. Same deal.

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