Friday, April 30, 2010

Staying in Touch 2

In Staying in Touch I covered the log-jam when phoning contacts.

Here’s an easy email to send that will be perceived as a benefit to your contact.

Remember, you’re looking to “touch” each contact every two months, more or less; here is Rup, time for a “touch”, but if you have nothing to chat about on the phone, and he works too far away to join you for a coffee, …

So, ( ) Rup Jolly is Interested in new groups about Adventurers, Men's Social, Small Business, Cashflow, Hypnosis,is he?

OK then. (grin!)

Here's a personal invitation from me to you!

Come and check out AIC Monday March 29th.

A bunch of us meet for a light supper at Boston Pizza at 6pm, doors to the meeting open at 7pm

(If you get to AIC before me, tell them you're my guest and get in for only $10).

Whether Rup goes or not, I’ve stayed in touch by sending an invitation to an event.

Note that there are THREE WINNERS here:

  1. Rup gets an invitation and a discount offer.
  2. One of my networking groups gets a potential new member walking in the door.
  3. I get to look good to Rup AND to the AIC , since he will announce “I’m Chris’s Guest”.

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