Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harvest The Reaction

Michel Neray made a good point when he was discussing the dialogue between me and my client.

I really wow! Some clients; “How’d you do THAT?” they exclaim, and I replay nonchalantly “Oh, that just comes naturally”, and start in discussing some other, really difficult stage of the job.

“That was COOL!”, is met by me examining the tips of my fingernails and “ … not if you’re used to doing it”.

Michel’s point, as I understand it, is that it’s the really cool, WOW! reactions that tell us how we are different.

Those client reactions alert us to what it is we are expert at (lousy grammar, I know).

Harvest those reactions; those reactions tell us WHY others should buy from us; those reactions tell us what will appeal to other clients, what sets us out from the rest of the “I can save you money” crowd.

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