Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About that Bootleg Software ...;post-1817

I truly have lost count of the number of times over the past 25 years that friends and colleagues have begged for help with their systems, only to find that they are out of luck - "screwed" is not too strong a word - because they have purchased a copy of an operating system or application software from a shady source.

It runs fine until something happens, and then it can't be re-installed.

Or the "original disks" are no longer available because "I bought the computer cheap from a friend who no longer needed it".

This blog post of mine serves notice on you all.


More than enough.

The blog posting at the head of this article is a must-read for all of you.

Read it before you call.

When you drop by, be prepared to sit and read a printed copy of it.

And remember this: I develop applications for a living.

I hate pirates and those who try to steal software without paying full price for it.

I'm with Microsoft on this one.

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