Thursday, April 15, 2010

“I’ve Run Out of Time”

If I had one hundred dollars for every time I’ve heard that, I’d have lots of dollars.

Nine times out of ten, they’ve not run out of time, not really; they’ve run out of space.


A consultant works on a small project for a year and then “runs out of time”? I don’t believe it. The consultant has finally conceded that the design requirements are way over his head, and the project, if it is to progress, needs serious help.

Seven Product Managers hand over their Excel workbooks three weeks before the big conference because “they just don’t have the time to finish them off”? I don’t believe it. They are now in seven separate ways, up to their necks in adjustments and modifications that don’t fit in with their original concept of six months ago. Imperial and Metric. Who knew?

So I get the project, big or small.

And I am delighted.

But I’m not fooled.

Any consultant with too much work only has to jack up the prices a little bit to shave off the work they can’t handle.

And product managers (VPs, every one of them) are in the strata of folks who manage their own calendars.

Check it out next time someone tells you “I’ve run out of time”; I bet it’s not about the 24 hours we each receive each morning.

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