Friday, April 23, 2010

In a Month or Two, I Should Be Ready

No you shouldn't.

I should know, because I've tried that route, and so have you.

You had that good idea last October, and here it is, March, almost April, and six months have managed to slip by because of all the other things that sucked away your time.


Do it have-assed, half-baked, half-cooked, half-done, half-empty, ... (Notice how there is a "half-" term for every letter of the alphabet, and ask yourself if today is the day to find the other 21 phrases)

Nike got it right, God Bless 'Em, with the phrase "Just Do It", because a hundred years from now, it'll all be over, so who cares about the occasional typo, the small pear-juice stain on the shirt, the little ball of fur (but no more than three!) along the skirting board.

  • Thinking of writing a blog? Do It Today!
  • Thinking of becoming a freelancer? Do It Today!
  • Thinking of stripping every material object off your desk? Do It Today!
  • Thinking of picking up bike-riding? Do It Today!

But Oh! You have to commit to doing it.

And the best time, the ONLY time you can commit, is today.

Yesterday is gone, you can't do anything yesterday.

Tomorrow isn't here yet. You can't do anything tomorrow

Do it Today

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