Monday, April 19, 2010

A Road-Block for Her Firm

I called Margo again today; she is, of course, too busy to schedule a 15-minute meeting, but not too busy to spend 20 minutes on the phone.

My initial referral, five years ago, told me "Getting around Margot could be a problem".

He was right

Today Margot managed to bring up an objection to every suggestion I made; she has a well-honed repertoire, and I understand she is but a legal secretary. I don't think I'm talking with the senior partner's VP here.

I'm sure that you have encountered Margo: "We don't have a need for your kind of training", but when I ask her, nicely, for her vision of what I deliver, she finally admits that she assumes I am identical to the contact of five years ago.

I can bet good money on being able to improve the productivity of any firm I enter.

How can I be so sure?

Firstly, I have years of experience reducing 60-minute jobs down to 60 seconds, and only last week, reducing a supposedly six-hour job down to 10 seconds.

Secondly, 90% of the firms are not automated; you only have to watch anyone clicking away madly - all user-intervention.

Thirdly, even for the 10% of firms which might be automated, I develop tools that automate the development process of - automation tools.

There is, perhaps, a 1 in 10,000 chances that I'll meet someone as advanced as I in automating tasks.

So the chance of meeting them in the 200 or so firms that I do contact is close to zero.

It's a sure bet

Margo is truly a road-block for her firm; I wonder if they know how many opportunities are being missed, opportunities from me, and from every other person who contacts the firm.

It is sad, truly sad

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