Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Let Google Stampede You Into a Panic

It can do that to you, I know.

Five months ago I put a little video up on YouTube showing off my free Indexer application.

To monitor it, I placed a Google Search in my daily-dose folder of bookmarks.

Each morning for four months I saw the results of the search - 37 hits, which was, I think, the number of times I'd watched it.

A month ago it jumped to 80 hits.

What happened, I have no idea (if you think you can help, Talk to Me !)

Yesterday it had climbed steadily to 157 views. Not viral, but satisfying.

This morning's daily dose?

Visit for this image! IndxrVideo_001.JPG

It is GONE!

Has YouTube deleted it from all of its one-and-a-half million servers?

Has Google begun the process of black-listing me?

Panic sets in easily nowadays.

I decided to blog about this, and returned to the scene of the crime:

Visit for this image! IndxrVideo_002.JPG

Yup! I'm back.

What happened?

I still don't know.

I suspect a timing glitch in Google's search engines right at the time my automated search was submitted.

Moral: Check, and re-check before taking action that could lead you by the nose down an expensive and wasteful path!

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