Monday, April 26, 2010

Rejection Projection

I suffered three rejections in the phone calls I made today. In the past these would have been crushing rejections, but today they are rich fodder for my digestion.

My goal is to arrange face-to-face meetings with people. I ask if we can meet for 15 minutes over coffee.

Remember that in the mind of the gatekeeper, the scripted response is correct, because it works for them. It keeps me away from the door.

They don't want me at the door because they see no value in having me there.

From that I reason that I am not presenting myself to them as valuable.

That means that I need to strew the ground with roses, or at least mail in some interesting press-clippings before I call.

As well I must have a value statement ready early on in the call.

And here's the catch: If I can't describe my value of myself to myself in the sanctity of my own office, how can I consider delivering it to a "stranger".

Every 3-in-a-row rejections tells me that I need to quite phoning and do a bit more work on my own script.

"The next time you see someone clicking with the mouse for over 60 seconds, think of me; I can automate that task".


I can do better than that ...

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