Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Way of Staying-in-Touch

A major part of my job is sales, marketing etc. On a daily basis this involves making new contacts, and staying in touch with existing contacts.

You may, like me, stare at the phone in horror.

Pulling up the contact list and staring at the “stalest” contact, the one we haven’t spoken with in a long time, is just as bad.

I’ve written about this before in “ The Hard-To-Touch Contact ”, “ Staying in Touch 2 ”, “ Staying in Touch ” and “ The Easy Touch-Me-Again ”. Here comes another dose!

  • Check the contact’s web site.

If they have a blog, read the last half-dozen blog items; make a comment.

Your contact will surely be notified of your comment, and probably will moderate it.

You have re-established contact.

You haven’t given anything of value (except a nice stroking!), but you have brought your name before their eyes.


And isn’t that what you wanted?

P.S. Make a tickle-file to re-visit the blog after 2 days to see if they commented on your comment – here comes a dialogue phone call!

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