Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phone vs. Email

  • Some people are good with phone; some are not so good with phone.
  • Some people are good with email; some are not so good with email.

This was made clear to me this afternoon during a phone call with a client.

I’d phoned to get a confirmation of what I was about to investigate (an apparent bug in a program), but before I could get my question out the client assured me that there wasn’t a problem. “OK”, I said, “I’ll not worry about it”.

(Less revenue for me, less cost for the client, more problems down the road).

This got the client’s attention. “Write me an email and I’ll organize a meeting”.

The client’s company believes in meeting as frequently as possible, which is why so little gets done.

Remember, I’d started with what ought to have been a 3-minute confirmation call, after which I would have issued an email for discussion, but my client’s habit of interrupting and jumping to conclusions before the facts are in, side-tracked the question and built a meeting out of thin air.

The same client who does not believe in written goals and written objectives now wants a written statement of a minor problem.

There’s a fine line between phone and email, and with this client I need to take 60 seconds before picking up the phone, 60 seconds before writing an email, and decide which method is less likely to set off unnecessary fireworks.

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