Monday, June 28, 2010

SUFE – A Second Use For Everything

This is not the place to push my passion for SUFE, but it does illustrate how a broad base of interests can serve us well.

A call this morning from a colleague Cathy of Cathy’s Crawly Composters . Could I use some Cards?

Turns out she was in DUCA Newmarket and was given a carton of cards. Greeting cards but blank on the inside. Was I interested?

Was I interested!


Are there any cards left at DUCA? Apparently yes.

Please call them and tell them you’ll take the lot.

This is a nice little coup for me.

I’ll get a mountain of cards for free; I can mail them out to “stay in touch”.

If there are too many, I can pass some on to my colleagues who like to stay in touch with their clients.

DUCA wins because their name is on the back. (In small print, I hope).

Cathy wins because she looks good in DUCA’s eyes.

Best of all for me: I am passionate about SUFE. That Cathy thought to call me is my big success of the week.

The message is getting out there.

Talk to Me !

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