Monday, June 14, 2010


I downloaded three hours of audio books to the little Zen Stone MP3 player, and headed off across town to the client site. On arrival at the bus stop I realized I’d left the 20g player on my desk.

There I was, no hard-copy book, no magazine, no printed reports to read. Stuck for 75 minutes on the public transit system.

I refuse to read the trashy free papers that decorate the floor and seating of the subway cars.

What to do?

Out with the little notebook, jot a few topics for the blog. Close the notebook and file it in my slim leather folder.

And sit back.

The more I thought about it, the more I wondered why I was carrying the little leather folder. It held a pen, a pencil, some business cards, my notebook, and three memory keys.

I buy lunch at the client cafeteria. At $6.00 it’s a refreshing treat for me.

I don’t really need a notebook; the client site has scrap or blank paper. I really need only one memory key, and that would fit in my pocket.

Next trip I’m leaving the leather folder behind, and traveling with

Pencil (5g)

MP3 player (20g)

I’ve come a long way from the briefcase-stuffed with-the-world.

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