Friday, November 27, 2009

Why the Pressure from Scripts?

Another day, another script-set (a) If they pick up the phone (b) if I get voice-mail (c) if I get a receptionist (d) if I get put through to sales, and so on.

I still feel new enough that I edit a previous script, and type in the real name, the real phone number, “star” to use the directory and even the digits that correspond to the person’s name – I am not so good at locating the tiny letters on the phone.

I am suddenly aware that I am using solvent to wipe some erasable marker ink from my whiteboard.

Why Am I Doing this?

I am supposed to be phoning.

I suspect that I am putting myself under too much pressure.

This phone call isn’t going to make or break me – I’m already broke.

I suspect that I am treating this as the most important phone call of the year.

It is

And it isn’t.

It is vitally important that I make this call, but, the outcome of the call is unlikely to have an immediate impact on my business.

I Settle on a New Perspective

The outcome of this call is going to give me an immediate benefit; immediate feedback on how well my scripts are coming along.

With this in mind, I make a few changes to the script, print out a fresh copy, read it out aloud to see how comfortable I am with it, pencil in a couple of changes …

… And make the call.

It Went Quite Well; Thank You for Asking

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