Friday, November 20, 2009

Selling the Idea About Buying Ideas

I'm still taking Flak on this business of non-business as my friends see it: Giving Indxr away for FREE.

I am an ideas man; my friends and colleagues concede that.

I come up with great ideas, original thoughts, brilliant conceptions, amusing "takes" on a situation, all very entertaining, but sadly going no way towards paying the rent.

Out There are businesses who could help me pay the rent by purchasing something from me – my ideas, my ability to tackle problems and find elegant solutions.

My idea in giving away the Indxr for free is to communicate to total strangers (people who read the blogs and forums of my word-processing colleagues) the idea that I have come up with a brilliant idea – a tool that identifies all the Interesting Words in any document and hence can mark them as index entries ({XE}) and hence produce an index in an almost-unbelievable time. ("I remember spending three (long) evenings one summer to achieve the same result. And yet, this was more thorough in five seconds than the efforts of those three evenings.")

My idea is that for every 100 technical writers and court reporters and transcriptionists who download this free tool, one in a hundred will contact me and ask "What else do you do?", or better yet, “Can you do THIS for me?".

I am selling the idea about buying ideas

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