Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Do These Misconceptions Prevent an Entrepreneur from Blogging?

There are two types of entrepreneur: those who blog, and those who don’t.

In most cases, those who blog would occasionally love to not-have-to-blog-today for any one of a number of reasons. (I’m not one of them; give me two minutes, a scrap of paper and a pencil, and I’m blogging in the elevator, on the train, in the meeting, …)

Those who don’t blog always have a good reason for not blogging, and it is usually one of these (but see below):

(1) I don’t have the time
(2) It takes too much effort to set up a blog
(3) Who would read it?
(4) I’ve never done it before (if that were a good reason the human race would have died out millions of years before)
(5) I can’t think of anything to say
(6) I don’t know what to write about

Below: If you have a reason that doesn’t appear here Talk to Me and I’ll add it to the list with a link to your web site.

None of the reasons above apply to me. Those of you with eagle-eyes (I know who you are!) will have observed a flurry of activity the past two weeks when I plugged in many gaps in the early days from a vast stockpile of articles that were threatening to block my arteries of communication.

So Here we Are

You and I.


… have a surplus of ideas I’d like to write about. You blog but are short of time and/or material?

I’ll write a guest post for YOUR BLOG, based on your theme.

I will, of course, write a link to your blog to drive traffic to it.


… have never blogged before but wonder what it’s like to have your name in print.

You’ll write a single article for my blog based on my theme (which is, let’s admit, pretty broad).

I will, of course, write a link to your blog to drive traffic to it.

No excuses

Get cracking


Share something that went right this week.
(It could be a new client, accolades from a client, a tough deadline that was met, …)
Recap what’s on the horizon for YOU next week.
Recap what’s on the horizon for YOU next month.
State a problem to big to solve in a short time
State a process that is broken and needs repair.
Who was your best client/boss and why?

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