Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cell Phones

Nasty creatures. The interrupt my conversation with you; their ringing distracts me during meetings and movies.

They are as bad as desk-top telephones, when a ring brings out the gambling instinct in everyone – the bet that the incoming call is more important than the current conversation.

I am in the habit of turning my phone ringers off during a meeting, on the grounds that nothing is as important to me as your presence right now in my office. Call me old-fashioned …

I bought a cell phone two years ago when I felt it would have been valuable in helping a contact who was lost find me at the restaurant.

I rarely carry it, and turn it off as soon as I have reached the client site or the coffee-shop.

Cell phones do have their uses, I don’t deny that, but all too often we allow them to control our life.

Like the time you spent struggling for one hour over the layout of a fax asking to meet for lunch. Pick Up The Phone!

I have just had a most unpleasant run-in with my cell-phone service. I shan’t name the supplier because I don’t want to embarrass Telus.

But I do want to mention Andrew Cook of Compare Cellular.

No matter how happy or disgruntled you are with your current supplier and device, trot across to Compare Cellular and check out how what you’ve got stacks up against the other players.

It's FREE!

Then phone the other players and make a deal.

Lost the little user guide that came with your phone? Compare Cellular has the user guide available for download.

Not sure of your coverage? Compare Cellular has it all mapped out for you; go ahead, take a run up to the cottage!

Want the dealer nearest you? Use the dealer’s page at Compare Cellular.

Go ahead!

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