Monday, November 9, 2009

Reciprocal Marketing – New Heights

I took my first baby step this morning. Cycled down to The Montreal Deli for exercise and chatted with George.

They've never done promotion, never advertised (they don't need to) but he warmed to the idea of a reward for valued business customers.

My kit included the news that, as far as I was concerned, the $250 coupons were transferable. It's no skin off my nose if the President of Rugs'N'Carpets passes his coupon on to the VB Finance of Computers'R'Us.

I still get a new client and The Montreal Deli gets the kudos.

On the way back I realized I could do better than that.

In the memo being prepared (in my head as I cycled) for today's Hot Prospect I realized that I can offer a $250 coupon to first-time clients, but rather than hand it out to them – I could tell them to pick it up at The Montreal Deli.

That way The Montreal Deli gets another visitor who may well return!

They should love me.

What did I learn?

Quite apart from the novel experience, I learned from George that I should describe the training.

The Gift Certificate merely says "$250.00 worth of on-site TRAINING from …" without telling anyone what training is available.

I should use the back of the card to list the broad areas in which I offer training.

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