Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The 1-6-10 Rule – How Did it Work?

Just one month ago I wrote The 1-6-10 Rule .

This morning I had need to search my contact database for a special-purpose and to my delight discovered that the most-stale contact was dated the 8th October, 2009.

Just one calendar month ago!

What does this mean?

(1) Every one on my contacts list was "touched" by me sometime in the past month. In most cases we chatted by phone. In a very few cases, someone I've known for 20 years, I just shot off an email announcing .

(2) Every one on my contact list is someone I'm not afraid to call; there are no people-I've never-spoken-with, people-I'm-ashamed-of-calling and so on.

(3) I won't feel at all bad come December when I do my annual Christmas letter mail out.

(4) Since I have eliminated the deadwood, my mailing costs are lower.

(5) Since I have eliminated the deadwood, my Christmas letter can be more intensely personal or time-relevant to the recipients; they have all heard about and so a newsy update 2 months after launch should be of passing interest.

(6) I feel BETTER about myself, culling 8 names from the list this morning for a special call about a novel (to me) marketing campaign that will help THEM!

This is the bottom line:

  • My daily worksheets have helped me get the job done.

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