Monday, November 16, 2009

Wake up! You Don’t Need Your Beauty Sleep.

From the University of Western Australia’s “Science Matters” Vol 4. no 2. October 2009.

I find that if you don’t sleep, you get an awful lot done”, says Robyn Williams, ABC science broadcaster, with a smile.

I know that to be true.

I often am awake by 3 a.m. with an idea pulsing through my head.

Wide awake.

No hope of sleep.

I rise and start writing, developing, or whatever it is.

Sometimes I go back to bed at 5:00; sometimes I just carry on and watch the dawn.

It is not the life of the 9-to-5er, with a bus ride at each end.

But I can do a lot of creative or maintenance work that requires no personal communication in those few hours, freeing up my day for the phone calls and meetings.

And on a day like yesterday, when a one-hour coffee meeting with a fellow consultant stretches into a fun-filled spiral-out-of-control three-hour two-coffee two-cake marathon, I can relax, knowing that I have earlier earned the hours to spend in real conversation.

I arrived back in my home office at 4 p.m. and spent thirty minutes on the phone chatting with another consultant about a potentially lucrative money-making scheme.

Again, I felt no constraint to chivvy the conversation along; I’ve earned the right to spend time that I have earned.

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Feddy said...

I used to do the same thing, and got out of the routine. I think it's a great way to set up your day, so I will be getting somewhat less beautiful over the next little while...