Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cold-Storage for Prospects

I continue to prune my contact list as I add a better-quality type of contact.

This morning I was scheduled to contact Susan; I have been trying to reach her for three weeks. I get to her voice-mail each time I call, and since leaving an original voice-mail or two, I don’t feel like leaving any more.

She is not a high-profile contact for me; someone who took a day’s training ten year’s ago, and while she makes occasional noises about work, we never do do business.

It’s time to say goodbye.

As I reached for the Delete button a thought crossed my mind: maybe she just doesn’t feel like having me as a supplier but can’t bring herself to tell me.

I know another consultant, closer to her line of work, who might be able to winkle something out of her.

Before I delete her I should pass her details on to David. He can mention my name, if he thinks it will do any good, and for all that I have no plans to establish any business with her, if David senses some business for me he will be sure to pass it back to me.

I’m going to make David love me by passing him a contact, and Susan won’t really go out of my life. Chances are strong that if I have anything to offer her, I’ll stand a better chance of reaching her through David than I do directly.

It’s worth a try.

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