Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm getting a lot of flak from well-meaning friends and professional colleagues.

My 1-click indexer is getting rave reviews across the country from Court Reporters, Technical Writers, Virtual Assistants and the like.

My friends are all of one voice: "Why aren't you SELLING this?!!???"

They see 60,000 to 100,000 people downloading this FREE UTILITY and multiply that by $7.00 to come up with … a lot of dollars.

Their mathematics is correct, and with the Indxr on, perhaps 20 desktops right now, there's no stopping it. It will "Go Viral" in the vernacular.

I could slap a $7 sticker on and sell maybe not 60,000 copies, but enough to pay next month's rent.

  • Here's My View

Every man and his dog is walking around with a baseball cap they didn't pay for, a ball-point pen they didn't pay for, drinking coffee out of a cup they didn't pay for.

The baseball cap reads "MCI Industries".

The ball-point pen has " Michael Belfry And Associates " on it.

The coffee cup? "Laidlaw Waste Industries".

  • All free.

The really smart marketing/sales guys all say the same thing:

People love getting something for nothing, and once you have trained them to accept something from you, they'll accept anything from you".

  • They are correct.

That's why your mail box is stuffed with $5-off Pizza flyers.

  • It works.

I have no idea what the flyer costs per household. At a guess, two cents; materials, handling, delivery.

And tired people have it in their hot sweaty little hands as they trudge up the path to the front door wondering what's for supper tonight.

The professionals who word-process have a copy of Indxr on their desktop when they produce a document.

"Click". There's the index. I love this little tool. Ten seconds just saved me six hours.

  1. I wonder what else he has written?
  2. I wonder if he converts documents?
  3. I wonder if he could do this for me.

And just as it does at the Pizza House, the phone will ring at my place once for every hundred flyers mailed out.

  • What's one percent of 60,000?

And wouldn't you like your phone to ring that many times with people asking for help.

And not just people, but people who already trust you and know that you have (not "can") saved them time.

  • And time is money.

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