Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Getting the Hang of it Now!

I have wanted Alex to send me the preliminary files for a possible project for two weeks now.

I am reluctant to call him again – it makes it seem as if I am desperate, which I am, but I don't want him to know that!

So I plod on my daily routine, phoning people, phoning people, phoning people, and stumble upon George who mentions the sphere in which Alex specializes.

I send George an email, and CC Alex, putting them in touch.

And waddayaknow!

Here is an email from Alex with the preliminary files.

I'll never know unless I ask, and I may never ask, but I have this feeling that "sending" George to Alex was enough to trigger benevolent thoughts about me in Alex's mind!

The most profitable part of networking is offering a continual stream of benefits to prospects and clients.

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