Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Social Experiment

I am now involved with a marketing guru, at no expense to me (except a cup of coffee) and from the initial meeting has evolved a mousepad!

No kidding!

Each day of the week I will track, with a pencil mark, events as they occur.

At the end of the week I will tally the marks and enter them into a simple spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet will show me that after a lag of several weeks, things start happening (“IN”) perhaps as a result of what I’ve done in the past (“OUT”).

This is a preamble to a more accurate scheme developed by Rick Shea , “… a promotion industry veteran with a deep knowledge of promotional marketing dynamics gleaned from 18 years with leading organizations Nielsen Promotion Services, NCH Promotional Services, Herbert A. Watts and Resolve Corporation.”.

Whether I take the dollar-oriented package remains to be seen, but a simplified yes-no scheme, on which I spend no money, is something I can afford, and will, at the very least, let me see whether I need help.

(I do!)

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