Thursday, November 26, 2009

Small Steps

Ever since before I can remember, small steps got me somewhere. I crawled, I toddled, I walked, I ran, I bicycled (long distances, for years), and each journey was a series of foot-steps – on the carpet, down the garden-path, on the bike pedals.

It took me fifty years to travel around the world (England to Australia in 1956, Australia to Canada in 1980, Canada to England in 2005) and each leg (sorry!) of the journey was memorable.

This morning I received an email from Jack with 3 attached PDF files; “Read the attached material and call me later in the week”.

This in response to an article I emailed to him about his company for publication in an online newspaper blog, to which I was invited to contribute.

The invitation to contribute coming after I’d posted a Letter-to-the-Editor.

Those three legs encompass about 20 small steps such as “Chat with Jack and learn that he has a distributed office”, “Sketch out the article”; “Call Jack back and ask for more details”, and so on.

I do not know if business will arise from all of this; I hope it does.

But I do know that every day must be spent taking steps along the path, or paths, with each Contact, Client and Colleague.

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