Monday, July 25, 2011

More About Goals

I was chatting with a colleague before lunch, about Paid Speaking Engagements.

I suggested that if the goal was to be paid for speaking (to a group, an organization, a company etc.) then one should refuse any engagement that did NOT pay.

Oh, but I’d still do freebies to get my name recognized until such time as I could charge”.

Then your goal is to be an Unpaid Speaker, for now, until such time as you have amassed a set number of engagements, say 24 deliveries, with 10 good testimonials. After which you can confidently charge for your services.

Note the Quantifiers.

The immediate goal therefore is not the goal “Become a Paid Public Speaker” but is the goal “Become a Public Speaker”.

Once the goal of “Become a Public Speaker” is reached we can set a new goal “Become a Paid Public Speaker”.

Well, actually there are some places which, I think, already will pay me”.


So now the goal is something like “Obtain 26 speaking engagements within the next 12 months, of which at least 8 are paid”.

Note the Quantifiers.

And once that goal is reached (perhaps after only 10 months) set a new goal: “Obtain 26 speaking engagements within the next 12 months, of which at least 18 are paid”.

Closely followed by: “Obtain 26 speaking engagements within the next 12 months, all of which are paid”.

Note that it's OK to move-the-goalposts BEFORE you start playing the game; changing your goals after you've begun is a no-no!

Why the Stress on Quantifiers?

A close friend, definitely overweight, announced her goal of “Shedding 20 lbs over the next month”.

Now 20 lbs of fat, at 3,000 calories per pound, is 60,000 calories.

There are 30 days in a month.

So my friend has to reduce her diet by 2,000 calories EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH to achieve her goal.

Given that her current intake is probably 1,700 per day, she has to quite literally stop eating to achieve her goal.

It’s called a hunger-strike.

And no, augmenting her efforts with exercise won’t help, because after the 3rd day she’ll lack the energy to rise from her bed.

Management Measures .

There are Four Quantifiers !

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