Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Promotion in Every Email

I am of two minds about this.

I’m sending an email to a client thanking them for the cheque, and asking if there’s anything else I can do for them.

They do not (yet) subscribe to my CEO newsletter.

At the foot of the email I have included a bit of news relevant to our project:-

P.S. I appear to have completed satisfactorily an application to be run daily on a horse-racing site (not my thing, as you know), which predicts tomorrow's wins based on a history of Trainer/Jockey.

I suppose that is akin to tracking share prices (indication of perceived company performance) based on a couple of financial or news factors over the previous two weeks.

My thinking is that EVERY email could carry a snippet of news telling the recipient what I’m up to.

It’s all part of the education of prospects and clients, isn’t it?

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