Thursday, July 7, 2011

What’s Wrong with this Letter?

Please find attached a proposal for a pilot study within the {Your client here}.

Towards the end of our meeting on {date} you expressed keen interest in locating documents that are "missing something", so I have made that the focus of this proposal.

The long-term view is that any short-term effort at building knowledge about you vast base of documents will serve you well as you prepare to implement a Document Management System.

For example, owning a good set of keywords, or of rules to locate Interesting Words will be useful in examining documents owned by staff members approaching retirement or maternity leave.

With thanks

Chris Greaves

No Call to Action!

I can’t believe I sent this off.

Humans respond to commands (provided of course that they are reasonable commands)

  • Please read the proposal.
  • Please study the proposal.
  • Please call me Friday after you have read the proposal.
  • Please reply to this email letting me know your feelings.
  • Please let me know if you will be making a decision before {future date}

And So On.

But “Here it is”?

I Need My Head Read!

Talk to Me !

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