Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Importance of Follow-up

It happened again this morning – I phoned a potential client with whom I’d lunched five months ago. I’d followed up with emails and, on principle, a phone call every two months.

Two months ago I left a voice mail, but hadn’t heard back.

Nonetheless MY business is to stay in touch, so I called today.

And was greeted with apologies, “Thanks Chris you’re SO GOOD at keeping in touch ...” (I should have phoned you etc.).

All of which leads me to believe that I’m doing my job well if my staying-in-touch is making that kind of impact on people.

And further, that I shouldn’t be frightened of phoning, or mailing, or emailing.

Just to stay in touch

In that sense any channel will be good, as long as, in my message, I pass on something of value to my contact.

Talk to Me !

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