Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giving It Away

I am always torn between giving away my knowledge and making people pay for it.

I figure that every business has something they give away for free, from the cheese monger standing in front of his store on Bloor Street with a tray of cheese bits, to me with my Indexer and other tools, to you and to your colleagues.

A recent blog post from Small business Trends “ From Ripe to Ready: Nurturing Leads Increases Sales Conversion ” includes this little gem:-

Give your best content away. Do it all day long. Your customers will love you for it. (Hint: Customers who love you buy lots of your stuff.)

To that end I will augment my offering of free applications with free PDF articles on various topics.

It’s handy, during a conversation, to say “Oh, I have a paper on that, I’ll email a copy to you”.

For one thing I sound good just volunteering that.

For another thing, it allows me to make another contact by email in a couple of days time.

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