Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Even Idiots Have Their Uses

I’ve just got off the phone with a good friend and colleague.

My colleague is being pestered (not too strong a word) by an idiot who thinks he is more powerful than he is.

(The idiot is actually a very small and replaceable cog in a very large but undistinguished machine)

He carries a Blackberry to make himself feel that he looks important.

My colleague and I don’t have a cell-phone between us; we don’t need one. We work to schedule, deliver ahead of time, and keep appointments.

The idiot wants to engage in an email dialogue without doing business.

( Business is the exchange of two pieces of paper, one of which must be a cheque )

My colleague wants to hit the “delete” button on the contact database.

I advise against doing that.

Idiots have their uses

They are good for practicing dialogues, since if the dialogue goes sour, you haven’t lost anything anyway.

How’s that Working for You?

Sales – Every Conversation is a Sale

Strike up a Conversation

More Elevator Speeches

And more.

We are bombarded with advice on how to act.

We need an audience on which to practice our new skills.

Preferably an audience that, if offended, won’t really hurt our bottom-line.

It’s what the free-sample idiots are for.

Talk to Me !

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