Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Billable Phone Call

The client has booked a phone call for 3:30 p.m. and I have promised to keep my phone line free at that time. There is some indication of the conversation in the preliminary email; they want to chat about roll-out and best practices.

I know about that stuff, so this should be a conversation of value to the client.

Yet there has been no mention to date of whether I am to be paid for this conversation.

I am flexible in these matters, but flexible with a spine.

My spine is that I don’t like handing out valuable information for free. I’ve earned that information by the hours I’ve spent studying and practicing.

At the same time I need to let go enough information to convince the client that I’m worth retaining (for this new phase).

My ploy is to treat the time as an opportunity for me to probe into my client’s problems, pain and requirements.

If things get sticky I can inject “I can make you a proposal on that”.

In other words, I have the information, and you’re welcome to receive it from me, once we are agreed that I will receive money from you.

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