Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Must Know SOMETHING!

Grab a copy of the FREE Primo PDF writer .
  • Install it.
  • Start using it.

To stay in touch by email or postal mail, with each of your “stale” contacts, write a 1-page document that describes something you know that is, or could be, of value to a contact.

Of course, starting today you have nothing.

But You Must Know Something

Otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.

Pull up that first contact.

Visualize yourself sitting at lunch with them.

They ask you “Why do you do what you do”.

You give them an example of something you’ve done that got a client excited.

  • So Write that up

One page. A story. With a happy ending.

PDF it and send it off.

Client #2 may need a different story. Write it, PDF it, send it off.

And so on.

Pretty soon you’ll have a nice little stable of PDF articles all ready to go.

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