Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Simple Guide to Long-Distance Action Scams

Say I work in Canada and you live in New Zealand. Your computer has “stopped working” – whatever that means – and you contact me.

My solution is “Send me some money and I’ll fix your computer”. You send me some money and here’s my solution:

1: Collect the first seven books or magazines you come across wherever you are right now.

2: Power off and UNPLUG your computer power source

3: Arrange the seven books by number of pages, shortest publication on the top of the pile.

4: Select the 3rd book from the top.

5: Read the third paragraph down on the 17th page, out loud, for exactly 5 minutes.

6: Close your eyes and count, silently, to one hundred.

7: Plug in the computer and power it up.

Of course, your computer now works and you’re delighted.


Tell all your friends about my miraculous powers of fixing problems.

  • Can you spot the reason why my method works?
  • Can you spot others who offer similar solutions to alternate problems?

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