Monday, July 4, 2011

LinkedIn – and the Drudgery of Updating Same

Every now and then, LinkedIn nags me to update my profile, or to update something.

All the time colleagues nag me to update my LinkedIn profile.

Apparently regular changes to my LinkedIn profile re-assure the entire world that I am still alive and breathing.

So Phone Me!

This morning I had to drag out my trusty all-purpose generic resume and issue it to a curious bystander.

Visit for this image! LinkedIn.png

That’s just page 1 of 10.

Ten years ago I whittled it down from 17 pages to about 5 pages, and it has blossomed again.

This is not a resume I’d issue in response to a particular position – that would need to be a custom-tailored resume

But in glancing at this generic resume I realized that besides the four chunks you see here from page 1, there are another eight similar chunks, making a dozen major areas of work.

Visit for this image! LinkedIn2.png

Then I have divided my Work Experience into 5-year chunks, so there’s another eleven chunks.

In short, about 23 updates I can issue once a fortnight.

That ought to keep everybody happy!

Talk to Me !

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