Monday, July 11, 2011

Improving Your Warm Calls

You need help with your telephone technique.

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise!

Here’s What I Did:

I downloaded and installed a copy of Audacity from

Here’s What I do:

One minute before making the call, I load Audacity and check (by making and playing back a short recording), that the laptop microphone picks up my voice clearly and that volumes are set sufficient for me to hear what I’ve said.

Then I take a calming breath and pick up the phone.

An essential part of a sales conversation is feeding back the other party’s question.

“Well, Gordy, if I understand you, you’re saying that …”.

I am making penciled notes at the same time.

When the Call is Over

I stop the recorder and immediately save it as an MP3 file to my hard drive.

Now I can analyze the conversation to my heart’s content.

  • Pick out the flaws in my delivery.
  • Not lose track of the client’s important points.
  • And do a much better job next time.
  • And the time after that!

Management measures

Reckon on about 1 megabyte per minute. A 30-minute telephone call will consume about 30,000,000 bytes.

P.S. I talk too much, probably nerves; I must listen more:-

Visit for this image! ImprovingYourWarmCalls.png

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