Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ethics – Part 3/6

Saturday, July 30, 2011
  • You work from home for a client who basically uses you as a contractor to provide products and services for other clients.
  • Your hourly rate is fixed by your client.
  • You quote the hours you estimate it will take for each job; keep track of your own hours; you enter those hours in the client’s web-based accounting system.

The client calls you to apologize: One client, for whom you have done work, receives a 30% discount, but they paid you 100%, and now they’d like to claw back the overpayment over the next 3 pay periods.

That means that for evermore, every hour you work for that client of your client, you’re working at a reduced fee, significantly less than the original agreement.

Question 3: Since any work you do for any of their clients is the same high-quality, do you inflate your at-home hours for that client’s client to compensate for your client’s short-sightedness?

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