Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bundle up – It’s Profitable Out There!

Here is The Toronto Star giving out free advice to entrepreneurs.

“If you give people a choice of a bundle (a set meal combo) or à la carte choices, they will consistently pick the bundle,” Sharpe says.

“People still chose the bundle even if it wasn’t cheaper. Price is not the driver here. They said they wouldn’t have purchased fries at all, or chosen small fries, but they ate what they got in the bundle.”

The article is worth reading, the more so if you replace the fat-food items with your products and services.

People love a bundle.

Look! Even McDonalds has been setting up your clients for you for the past 40 years or so:

Bundling gets ingrained in consumers as children, Sharpe says. A McDonald’s Happy Meal is a bundle aimed at “assigning emotions to food.”

And for the clincher, can you remember what happened the last time you purchased a computer?

Even computer companies will bundle a package of hardware and software as the ideal choice, she says, relieving consumers of the anxiety of making their own choices.

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