Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marketing in Paris

We drove from Toronto, Ontario, planning to spend the day in Paris, Ontario, but decided to stop for a coffee in Ayr, Ontario – population about 3,500.

At the little family café we upgraded to a small breakfast of eggs and toast.

The manager of the café recommended the gift store next door.

While we were making some purchases there, the manager of that store recommended a ladies outfitter across from the post office.

We did business with the ladies outfitters, and they suggested San Francisco’s for lunch.

We were too full for lunch, but caught a young lady on her way out of the restaurant clutching two pizza boxes.

“Any good?” we asked. She nodded. “They are the best!”

We drove to Paris, walked around, and returned for an early-evening supper in Ayr.

The small community of Ayr converted about $3 of coffee into about $150 of business, and should be congratulated for its effective marketing.

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