Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Good Luncheons

Two good luncheons last week, Thursday and Friday.

One with a VP Communications of a major insurance company, one with the CFO of a very profitable and large financial house.

I confess to a frisson of excitement going in to these lunches, but as noon draws near I realize that I am an exceptionally brilliant person who can help the executives once we get to know each other, once I understand their problems, and once they realize that I am not a regular run-of-the-mill consultant.

Apparently suggesting lunch in the first sentence of the first phone call as the first contact means something.

One executive discussed new application software and suggested that he’d keep me in mind if the issue of training came up; the other perked up at mention of The Prospector , thinking it might be a good data mining tool for donors for a foundation of which he is a director.

Say what you like.

Two meetings, two opening doors.

A good week!

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