Friday, February 11, 2011

Riding Herd

I phoned a client this morning to see how we were getting on. I am waiting for sign-off on a project we started four months ago, should have been completed in 3 days. Christmas intervened, and before that, time off for Christmas Shopping.

“Has it really been four months?”, incredulous. Yes it has. “I’ll get on to it right away”.

For me it is cash-flow.

For us it is the life of the project, for many small projects die if they are left unattended. I suspect that what seemed urgent months ago doesn’t seem quite so urgent in the light of more recent catastrophes, and so the old project is left to wither on the vine while new plants are nurtured.

I try not to be too pushy, but it is important to get things neatly wrapped up according to our agreed proposal, so that I can get on with the next sale to the client, and the client can get on with learning what I good job I have done!

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